Soul Passion Project Community

Co-Create The Soul Passion Project Movement!

Hello Dynamic, Passionate, Inspirational Creator! I am Caroline Ra, founder of Soul Passion Project. It is my vision to join together a community of conscious creators. I have found that being surrounded by those who share a passion for heart-centered creativity is a magical experience. I invite you to join us in co-creating Soul Passion Project Community!

What makes Soul Passion Project Community so special?


  • Who is this for?

    Those of us who create from the heart, who live our lives with a deep connection to the inspiration from our soul. Who find joy in creativity – artists, musicians, healers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, writers, and leaders.

  • Why would I join?

    Think of Soul Passion Project Community as a place to go when you have some time to yourself and are looking to connect, be inspired, and have fun in an atmosphere of positive, creative energy!

  • What does the platform offer?

    Soul Passion Project is on a lovely platform powered by CMNTY, international innovators in online community building. We have a blog to highlight events, member spotlights, blog posts, courses, and special offerings. There is a forum for deep discussion on specific topics relating to inspiration, creativity, personal transformation, entrepreneurship, and conscious lifestyle. And a chat for members to engage more informally.

  • How does it work:

    Sign up for our newsletter now or subscribe to Soul Passion Project Mini-Courses when we launch in 2020. Then you'll be sent your invitation to join Soul Passion Project Community. Click the accept link in the email invitation and then you will receive an invite code which will allow you to register your account. You'll be given the option to sign up for the community newsletter, which is a separate publication from other Soul Passion Project mailings, and just for community members. There are no membership dues or fees and you can leave the group at any time.

Soul Passion Project Community

We look forward to seeing you there!