Soul Passion Project Movement

"That first magical moment we are aware of our soul's desire to create, our life becomes a soul passion project." - Caroline Ra, Founder Soul Passion Project

The mission of Soul Passion Project is to inspire and ignite heart-centered creativity and the impact it has both on a personal level and a global one. The concept of individuality and heart-inspired creativity has been a passion of mine from a very young age. I wish for each being everywhere to believe deeply in the magic of their soul and their own signature creative expression. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

Join the Soul Passion Project Movement!

Here are some ways you can inspire & empower heart-centered creativity within yourself, your home, your community, and on a global platform.


It all begins with your relationship with yourself! Value your own creativity!

  • Bring passion to all that you do in life.

  • Set aside a dedicated time each week or each day for your creative projects.

  • Love your creations unconditionally and watch them flourish.


Your home is a micro-community. Create a container for creativity!

  • Value the creative endeavors of all members of your household and encourage them to develop their passions.

  • Create zones for creativity where mess, noise, and/or focus are supported.

  • Connect with books, mentors, programs, and lessons to stimulate creative development.


If helping foster creativity in your community excites you, know that your community needs your skills and talents!

  • Teach what you love locally whether as a volunteer or as a professional.

  • Support the arts locally by attending plays, art shows, concerts.

  • Donate to local organizations that provide access to art education at no cost or with low tuition fees.

  • Create your own community organization, spearhead a community project, create a visiting arts program in your schools or senior center.


Ready to make a global impact? Great, cause the world is waiting for your unique offering!

  • Get published, get produced, tour the world, be interviewed, get known for your offerings.

  • Reach your audience through social media, podcast, video, online courses, retreats, and workshops.

  • Partner with others for collaborations, promotions, and opportunities.

Soul Passion Project Movement

Inspiring & Empowering Heart-Centered Creativity!