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Your new place to go when you have some time to yourself.

Soul Passion Project is like your favorite magazine – only this is one you can step into! Membership offers you mini-courses in heart-centered creative expression, living one's passion, entrepreneurship, personal transformation, and conscious lifestyle projects. Gain access to a growing collection of mini-courses with new content added each week, and when it is time for a break, enjoy Soul Passion Project Communities where you can connect, share, and inspire. That time to yourself just got supercharged!

Soul Passion Project Membership


What are Mini-Courses?

You're busy and that time to yourself is precious. Soul Passion Project Mini-Courses offer a great alternative to weekend workshops or expensive master programs. Schedule in some time for yourself and choose what you are in the mood for – awaken your heart-centered creativity, gain new entrepreneurial skills, go deeper with personal transformation, or play with conscious lifestyle projects.

  • Concentrated online courses that fit your busy lifestyle

  • The transformation, skills, and inspiration you are looking for without blowing your budget

  • A meaningful and empowering way to spend your free time

SOUL | Be Inspired!

Mini-Courses in personal transformation, balance, alignment, abundance, and creating positivity

SOUL Mini-Courses offer you an opportunity to experience your multidimensional self, embrace yourself in wholeness, cultivate new belief systems, and create the life you dream of.
Image of seashell in a white, black. and brown spiral with the word SOUL.

PASSION | Be Ignited!

Mini-Courses in cultivating heart-centered creativity, developing personal style, and living your life purpose

PASSION Mini-Courses offer you an opportunity to awaken and develop your soul-driven creativity, connect with your life-purpose, and learn entrepreneurial skills to take your offering to a global audience.
Image of a brown scallop seashell with the word PASSION.

PROJECT | Be Creative!

Mini-Courses in conscious lifestyle projects to have fun and awaken your creative energies

PROJECT Mini-Courses offer you an opportunity to play with your creativity with projects that match your conscious lifestyle. We'll be exploring plant-based living, raw desserts, organic skincare, urban gardening, eco-chic style, and more!
Image of a seashell with a mostly orange body and brown and white spiraling at the end with the work PROJECT.

Soul Passion Project Communities

Places to connect and share with a community of heart-centered creators.

Soul Passion Project Communities will allow you the opportunity to connect, share, and inspire in an atmosphere of positivity and joy. Launching soon!
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Soul Passion Project Membership