Soul Passion Project, LLC was founded by Caroline Ra with the core mission to inspire and ignite heart-centered creative expression, living one's passion, personal transformation, and the process of creating a conscious lifestyle. We have always operated and will always operate under conscious business practices. We sincerely value your privacy. We do not sell information that we obtain during the course of doing business with you at Soul Passion Project ( or at any time. We operate as a membership site with a monthly subscription to gain access to our Mini-Courses and our Community. Whether you are a member or a first-time visitor to our site, your privacy is of importance to us. Here we explain what information we collect, how we collect it, why we collect it, and how you can access any information we may have that pertains to you.

Tracking tools provide analytics for site owners and are an important part of running an online business. They provide user data that helps tremendously in understanding how our audience interacts with our offerings. Soul Passion Project tracks visitors and users so that we may continue to create an ever-evolving platform that engages and inspires.

Our website tracks visitors and users via Lucky Orange Reports. Lucky Orange collects anonymized IP addresses, country, and usually city and province or state. It also collects user activity at the site (pages visited, time spent on each page), referral source (Google search, Facebook, etc.), and browser and device used. This information is stored for 30 days.

Our email marketing company for our main mailing list (unrelated to automatic mailings to students from Thinkific) is Omnisend. We collect first names and email addresses. Omnisend tracks visitors and provides us with information on how subscribers engage with the Soul Passion Project website and our mailings. They do not provide us with IP addresses. Members will automatically receive a welcome email and weekly mailings announcing newly published mini-courses and other information relating to Soul Passion Project. Members may unsubscribe from these mailings if they choose.

Soul Passion Project operates as a membership site on the Thinkific platform. Members pay monthly to gain access to a growing collection of mini-courses with new content added each week. Membership also includes Soul Passion Project Community which operates on the PeerBoard Platform integrated into the Thinkific platform. A 14-day free trial period is offered. Payments recur monthly from the date of the end of the trial and are processed via Stripe.

When a member sets up an account at Soul Passion Project, we collect their full name and address. We can track member progress through the mini-courses and send notifications to our members to inform them when new mini-courses are published and notify them of any important changes they need to know about.

We value tremendously your feedback on the mini-courses that we offer. If you choose to leave a review after finishing a course, we may then choose to publish it on the landing page of that course so that others may learn from your experience and to help promote our offerings.


Soul Passion Project – Main Website, Mini-Courses, Community, and Marketing – is free from affiliate codes, referral codes, and paid partnerships. 

All member payments are processed through Stripe as we find it to be the best option available for us and our members. Soul Passion Project does not save payment information.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or would like to learn more about any information or data we may have collected that pertains to you, please contact us at

We appreciate greatly your engagement with Soul Passion Project and deeply hope that our many offerings inspire and ignite your personal evolution and conscious creative expression!

This Privacy Policy was last updated in December of 2021.