It is the intent of Soul Passion Project, LLC and founder Caroline Ra to inspire and ignite heat-centered creative expression, personal transformation, living one's passion, and the process of creating a conscious lifestyle. Soul Passion Project operates as a membership site. Each visitor and member is responsible for how they use the information shared at, within our mini-courses, and our community. Each visitor and member is responsible for their own health and well-being. No information provided should be considered a substitute for working with a qualified health care professional.

Soul Passion Project offers our members access to an ever-growing collection of mini-courses and a community. Members are required to agree to this Terms of Use when creating a Soul Passion Project account.

Our membership and mini-courses are all built on the Thinkific platform. Thinkific is an outstanding innovator in the realm of online learning platforms. Soul Passion Project Membership offers a bundle of Mini-Courses offered on a monthly subscription basis of $18/month with a 14-day free trial. During the trial period, members will have access to all mini-courses that are available in the bundle and to our community. The actual subscription will begin 14 days after enrollment when the free trial period has ended. Members will then be automatically billed that month and every month. Members may cancel their subscription which will cancel recurring payments and terminate their membership and access to Soul Passion Project Mini-Courses and Community at the end of their billing cycle. No refunds are offered for cancelled subscriptions.

If you decide to cancel your subscription and end recurring payments to Soul Passion Project, go to My Account Billing, and hit Cancel. The subscription will then change to "Cancelled" in Stripe, and you will automatically lose access to the associated content at the end of the billing period. No refunds are offered for cancelled subscriptions.

All materials taught in our mini-courses is the intellectual property of Caroline Ra. Any violation of Caroline Ra’s intellectual property is not permitted.

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Soul Passion Project Community is on the PeerBoard platform integrated into the Thinkific platform. PeerBoard is a new innovator on the community scene and they have created a fantastic platform for us to work with. It is the intent of Soul Passion Project Community to bring together heart-centered creators in an atmosphere of joy, gratitude, and creativity. These Terms & Conditions are intended to help create a positive environment for all members. It is required for all members to accept these Terms & Conditions upon starting a Soul Passion Project account. We greatly appreciate your participation in our community and helping to make it a vital and fun place. Thank you for abiding by these Terms & Conditions and our Community Guidelines. Soul Passion Project Community is a co-creative effort and together we can create a magical experience for all members. We, as empowered conscious creators, can then share this energy of joyful creativity to make a positive impact on the greater world. Any violation of these Terms & Conditions will be reviewed by Caroline Ra, founder and creator of Soul Passion Project. Consequences will range from a private request for such activity to end to complete removal from membership in Soul Passion Project.
Soul Passion Project Community provides members an opportunity to connect, share, and inspire. Members have the opportunity to ask questions about Soul Passion Project Mini-Courses, creativity, entrepreneurship, personal transformation, and living a conscious lifestyle. They can answer other members' questions, share the courses and outside projects they are working on, begin more in-depth discussions about mini-course material and related topics. Plus much more!
We encourage all members to share their creative milestones, challenges, and solutions. We are here to support one another, to celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and to mentor one another. 
The following is not allowed:
  • • Discrimination, harassment, and hate speech.
  • • Self-promotion, or marketing spam including affiliate links and referral codes.
  • • Attempts to collect member contact info. You may share information if mutually desired, but do not pressure others or request their phone number or email address. The idea is to be friends within the community and not pressure others for friendships outside of the community as they may not be comfortable with this.
  • • Energy healing, divination, intuitive readings including astrology and tarot, psychoanalysis, therapy, counseling, nutritional coaching, and other forms of healing and therapy on other members. You may discuss the healing arts, but do not perform them within this community. You may be a very talented healer or reader, but save that for your professional life. Soul Passion Project is all about becoming your own alchemist and expressing your own signature creative expression. We are here to be supportive of one another but is important to respect the personal space and evolution of each member of this community.
  • • Sexually explicit, violent, or disturbing content.
  • • Anyone who goes against these guidelines may receive a warning, or be removed from this community.

Membership in Soul Passion Project is for those 18 years of age or older. Agreeing with these Term & Conditions is an indication that you are at least 18 years old.
There will be times when members will share personal information. All information shared within this group is considered private to this group and it is not be shared outside of the group unless this is implicitly expressed by the member who has shared their personal information. I also caution members to not share information of a personal nature that they wish to keep private as there is no means to know if this information will be shared outside of the group.
Soul Passion Project and its activities including this community are part of Soul Passion Project, LLC which is owned by Caroline Ra. It is imperative that the intellectual creative property owned by Caroline Ra be respected and not claimed by anyone else. It is also imperative that the intellectual creative property of all members be respected. Suggestions made by members for improving the Soul Passion Project Mini-Courses and Community will be considered part of the membership and do not indicate ownership of any future improvements or features implemented by Soul Passion Project Mini-Courses, Community, or other ventures created by Soul Passion Project, LLC.
Caroline Ra and Soul Passion Project, LLC are not liable for typos, spelling errors, or mistakes. We will make every effort to be as accurate as possible and will make corrections when possible.
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We are joyful to have you join Soul Passion Project and look forward to co-creating a magical space for all members! If you have any questions concerning Soul Passion Project Membership, Mini-Courses, or Community, please reach us at

This Terms of Use Agreement was last updated in December of 2021.